Ceramic Radiant Heaters With Natural Gas

Hotstones ceramic heaters are important members of the radiant heater group. It is mainly preferred for heating commercial premises such as cafés and restaurants. They are used to heat the defined area in open or semi-open areas. It is intended to heat people, not rooms. They provide fast and immediate heating. Thanks to its 3-stage heating level, it is operated at the temperature most suitable for the season, so that the heating is not sweltering or cooling down. Ceramic heaters are manufactured using specially developed steel wires to prevent them from being affected by wind. They are reliable and safe. Thanks to their stylish and aesthetic design they easily capture the harmony in rooms. With their low energy consumption and economical structure, they easily win the hearts of companies and help them to provide the comfort of their customers with the warm rooms they create.

Technical details

Capacity Min / Max kW 2,8-7,6 4,2-11 5,7-14 6,4-17
Natural gas consumption Min / Max m3/h 0,29-0,79 0,44-1,15 0,58-1,46 0,67-1,77
LPG consumption Min / Max kg/h 0,21-0,59 0,33-0,85 0,44-1,09 0,50-1,32
Area to be heated Min / Max m2 15-30 20-50 25-60 30-70
Gas inlet pressure Min / Max mbar 20-55mbar
LPG inlet pressure Min / Max mbar 20-55mbar
Suspension height Min / Max m 20-55mbar
Electricity supply volt 20-55mbar
Gas connection İnç 20-55mbar
Weight kg 11 13 15 17,5
Quantity of stones adet 4 6 8 10
Dimensions cm 76,5x24x22 96x24x22 114x24x22 132,5x24x22
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